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Out of the Cave - My Journey

Hey friends, I just wanted to let you know about the new season that God is leading me into including my new website. This new website kind of represents my transition from an old season into a brand-new season. As some of you might know the past 7 or 8 years I have been involved in the Nest Online Training School as a teacher and Principal, which has now come to an end. So, for me I have been wondering what is coming next.

In these past 7 or 8 months since the end of the Nest I have been feeling a real groaning in my spirit for whatever it is to come next. But this groaning also felt frustrating because I know God wants to move in a significant way but I felt almost restrained and unable to grasp or enter into what God wanted me to do. It felt like the Holy Spirit praying through me with groaning’s and longings that cannot be put into words. It also felt like I wasn’t to step out or to try and do anything new because the time wasn’t right yet for whatever reason.

I had this inward battle going on of feeling I wanted to step out but knowing that I didn’t have the release to do it. So in this time my wife Emma and I were wondering what to do, do we start monthly meetings? or begin a weekly house group etc. We really didn’t know. I knew that what I really needed was a Word from the Lord Himself. I wasn’t sure how it would come but I knew I needed it.

The frustration built up until it was almost unbearable but even in this condition I could feel the Holy Spirit pulling me deeper into Christ. The presence of God began to intensify. I really perceived that God was about to speak.

That night I got a WhatsApp message from a prophet I met years ago but hadn’t spoken to since then. To be honest I thought that his phone had been hacked because as I say we never spoke and this person asked if I was free to chat lol long story short, it actually was this prophet and yes you’ve guessed it – He had a word from the Lord for me.

I don’t want to go into all the details but this word was one of the most detailed words I’ve ever had personally. It was like the Lord answered every question I had asked and told me about the new day that I was about to step into. The main thrust of that Word being that the Lord had taken me into the cave for a short season and had given me a new anointing; Revival was inside of me and doors to preach in many places was about to open. The Lord said when I preach, a new expression of God would manifest.

I was thrilled and suddenly could understand what had been happening these past months. God had took me aside, He had separated me to make me ready for this next season of life, ministry and revival. To be honest I feel the burning of God within me like never before

So I humbly ask you to consider a few ways to support me in Gods vision

1 – Please consider praying for me in this new day. There is no greater support than prayer support for myself and my family.

2 – If you have a congregation, church, hungry bunch of people and would like to invite me to come then please contact me by email – or via the various social media platforms

3- Please consider supporting me financially. If you go to you can donate either through PayPal or Stripe. Click on the donate buttons and follow the simple instructions. You can donate a one off gift or decide to donate monthly. Any amount is so helpful.

Thankyou for reading this friends I appreciate it very much

Stevie Mckie

New website –

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