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A prophetic dream for Scotland

I was just thinking about a powerful dream I had many years ago and realized that I had never wrote it down for people to read so I thought I would put that dream out there today.

The dream it's self was very simple and short but the application is powerful. In the dream I was on a double decker bus, I then looked and saw Smith Wigglesworth standing in front of me. He simply said, '1 million'. In my spirit, in the dream, I knew Smith Wigglesworth was saying that 1 million people would get saved in Scotland. The dream ended.

I know this dream was from God as it is still as vivid in my mind today as it was the night I had it. I know that God is going to move in Scotland in such a powerful way that the whole fabric of culture and society will be changed for ever and we as a nation will fulfill our destiny as a prophet nation.

Since this dream I have asked the Lord many times why it was Smith Wigglesworth in the dream and I believe there might be many reasons. One reason was that Smith moved in signs and wonders in such a profound way. I do believe that God is raising up a company of people who will move in such demonstration of the Kingdom that it will dumfound the critics.

A second reason I believe was because of the prophetic word God spoke through Smith just before he died about two distinct moves of God that would proceed one of the greatest moves of God ever seen. Smith said, "When the Word and the Spirit come together, there will be the biggest movement of the Holy Spirit that the nation, and indeed the world, has ever seen".

I believe we have entered a new day where we will see the Kingdom of heaven demonstrated in power and not just talk . Nothing less will bring in a one million soul harvest.

Stevie Mckie

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