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Born in the Fire

I have started reading a book called Born in the Fire. It’s about the birth of the apostolic church in Wales and the UK. I love books like this because the account of what happens when people simply yield everything stirs me to the core of my being. Many movements in the past century were birthed in fire and as a result the church grew numerically and in the Deep things of God. Many revivalists were ultimately born in or influenced by the fire that burned in wales and took the Pentecostal message across the planet.

The question I’m pondering today is what will happen in our generation. Who will yield all to see the dream of God birthed in our day. God has a dream for an Ekklesia full of authority, power Glory and fire. But are we willing to give up everything to see this? Do we want that same fire that our forefathers and mothers walked in? I don’t know about you but I am fed up of mere talk and hype, I want the real fire that changes everything!


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