What If?

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What if we are looking to the wrong source for our answer?  What if neither Westminster nor Edinburgh will ever be able to Unicorn_and_the_Lion_by_Essence_of_Equusdeliver us from a broken unjust society? What if justice never can come from beneath but from above?  What if this isn’t about economics or politics but an awakening to the original design of England and Scotland? What if that design was that England the Lion, the Apostle would stand in unison with Scotland the unicorn, the Prophet?  Oh Scotland the unicorn has awoken and is throwing off her chains and rightly so, but what are we going to do with that freedom? Are we going to say, well the Lion has often been cruel and unjust so we will just leave her in her slumber!  What if the purpose of the current political awakening in Scotland right now is to awaken the Lion to her destiny so we can both, the Lion and the Unicorn, leap into a brand new era of apostolic authority together!  I might be wrong  but……what if?

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  1. Christine
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    Oh, I’m loving your posts just now. This is absolutely awesome. Thanks for posting

  2. Jane
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    Amen Stevie,

    I am not political in any shape or form, however I have been praying for God to tell me how to vote, and seeking his guidance at this historical time.

    I believe your comments have grasped my heart. After much prayer today I had such a burden for Scotland but also the United Kingdom. When I read your post, I just had to respond. You see, your comments had captured what I sensed after my time in prayer.

    I have NEVER posted a comment on a blog in my life. I am not even on Facebook. I am even not sure to even press the post comment, but I just had to completely agree with what you posted…..

    Here goes…..

    Jane in Aberdeen

    • stephenmckie
      | Reply

      That’s awesome jane

  3. erickaranja
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    Great post confirming the burden I had for Scotland and the United Kingdom today. Thanks for posting.

  4. K O'Neill
    | Reply

    Yeah …… I NEVER leave comments either…..but that is just BEAUTIFUL……Unity is truly a beautiful thing………love it…. bring it on
    : )

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