The North Is Calling

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In this past year, I have felt the North calling me more and more – the North of Scotland that is.  I have listened to that call and have visited the Isle of Lewis six times this year alone.  The Isle of Lewis experienced a powerful revival in 1948 so I feel at home when I go there and take in what the land and people have to offer.

In my travels North, it has stirred a hunger in me again to see God move like He did then.  I know that God wants to do more than what He did then but I also know that if we experienced what they did then that would be a good start (lol)!  When was the last time we saw a whole village saved in a moment by just one prayer from a 16 year old boy?

I believe God called me North to impart to me that sense of the Fear of the Lord that these dear people on that remote island experienced.  I’m not claiming to fully understand what they experienced but I do know that I am beginning to fear God like I have never known and I do know that the Fear of the Lord is something that has been missing in our modern day charismatic/Pentecostal circles.

I have also heard many stories from people on the island of when the Spirit of Conviction came.  This is also something that we rarely see today.  Men and women would be in terrible turmoil sometimes and would cry out in agony until release came and they knew that they had truly been born again.  I long for this in our day.  Imagine this coming to whole towns and villages or even cities across the nations.  What would happen if the Fear of the Lord came back to our churches and the Spirit of Conviction brought multitudes into real, authentic, full salvation.

In our learning new things and new ways to do church, let us not forget the ancient paths.  There is new wine skins yes but there are also treasures old and new.  We can never move away from the Fear of the Lord because without that we haven’t even begun to walk in wisdom at all.  There are hidden secrets available for us to discover but the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him.

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  1. Donovan
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    “Fear of the Lord”, “Ancient paths”, “crucified life”, “Spirit of conviction”. I have been on a similar journey and visiting Wales and the Hebrides this year thrusted me into a new level of discovering and pursuing the path to the deeper Christian life, the path to Union. I want to walk in what they walked in oh Lord! What was lost must be restored in our day of shallow popularity. Send the fire!

    Thanks for sharing, Stevie,
    Donovan (South Africa)

    • stephenmckie
      | Reply

      Awesome friend, love what you carry

  2. Koos Hartnack
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    Hello Stevie, amazing your journey, love to hear and see the fear of the Lord working in my life,
    Hugs Koos Hartnack

    • stephenmckie
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      Love you Koos, love the journey you are on

  3. Marlize Oosthuis
    | Reply

    Amen.. selah on this blog…

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