This 2019 conference in Troon, Scotland was very blessed as Ian Clayton and Grant Mahoney explored many topics including the importance of remaining true to the plumbline of truth.

Stephen Mckie also taught on the truth of preaching both the goodness and severity of God.

As we build let us ensure the plumbline is in place otherwise the building will not stand straight or true. Christ himself is our Chief Cornerstone, our plumbline, let us build according to His pattern, His blueprint.

Stephen Mckie

Session 1: Stephen Mckie – The Restoration of the Gospel
Session 2: Ian Clayton – The Importance of Your Physical Body
Session 3: Grant Mahoney – Humility
Session 4: Ian Clayton – Living to Breathe
Session 5: Ian Clayton – Living out of the Future
Session 6: 7 Dimensions of Revenue
Session 7: Grant Mahoney – Different Kingdoms