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Delve deeper into the wisdom and teachings of Stevie McKie, a devoted Christian itinerant minister, through our exclusive range of digital products. Each product has been crafted with utmost care, resonating with messages that inspire, enlighten, and nurture your spiritual journey.

Here, you'll find an array of single teachings and comprehensive sets, each brimming with transformative insights. For your convenience, all our content is available in MP3 format for individual teachings and Zip format for curated sets, ensuring easy downloads and accessibility.

Dive in and let your soul be touched by the profound words and lessons that await.

The Revealing (Part 5)

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Many times we are encouraged to pray and step into the presence of God but when it comes to actually stepping into the presence, or practicing the presence of God as brother Lawrence called it, many don’t know how to do it. In the revealing 5 I teach on how to practically step into the presence of God. There are many practical keys given that I pray will help you take the simple steps into His glorious transforming presence.

Session 1 – Step Into His Presence

Session 2 – The Word and the Presence

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