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Delve deeper into the wisdom and teachings of Stevie McKie, a devoted Christian itinerant minister, through our exclusive range of digital products. Each product has been crafted with utmost care, resonating with messages that inspire, enlighten, and nurture your spiritual journey.

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O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

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I am excited to announce this new EP from my dad Andrew Mckie. My earliest memories of my dad were of him singing beautiful hymns such as – Love that Wilt not let me go and The Love of God. He sang and still does with great emotion and anointing.

This E.P. came about during lockdown when I simply video called with Ray Hughes and showed him my dad singing. Ray (unexpectedly) said he had an idea about recording my dad. At first, I thought Ray was joking but it became apparent that he wasn’t lol So from there the project begin in an unusual manner.

Normally you would record the music first then the singer would record his voice to the music later. But because we were in lockdown and had no way of recording in a normal fashion, we had to do things a little differently. My dad recorded his songs first then we sent them to Ray Hughes and team who added the music to it. This was no easy task but was brilliantly done by these amazing and talented people.

Andrew Mckie has never recorded any of his singing ever before but when Ray suggested this, I learned from my dad that this was always one of His dreams. My dad is 83 years old. Who says dreams don’t come true.

Recommendation from Ray Hughes

Andrew Mckie is such a treasure and inspiration in the way that he lives the songs that are in him. He reaches back to the days of singing the powerful old hymns at grand gatherings in Wales. They were mass gatherings of redeemed lovers of God rising shoulder to shoulder, rattling rafters and shaking windows with passion and praise. They lived every note out loud as their voices filled the chapels and halls to overflowing. In those days, the beauty and intensity of those songs permeated all of society. The song’s lyrics and melodies were so charged with an awareness of God’s glory that they became a language of invitation that was so welcoming that heaven couldn’t resist. Andrew experienced those moments so deeply that he became one of those men that carried those encounters back home to Scotland. The memories of those gatherings so long ago have not faded in his heart or mind. Andrew is still fully alive to those truths that resonate with his love for God until this day, and you can hear that truth and life in every note.

Honor is a powerful thing. It’s like a song sung from generation to generation. It was such an honor to get to play a small part in the recording of this project. Andrew is the epitome of a beautiful life well-lived and powerfully sung.

“As a rule there is a better theology in the hymn than in the sermon. At any rate our Welsh hymnology is the theological backbone of the nation.” —Seth Joshua

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