Scottish Referendum

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I could say so much about the economic and political consequences of the referendum result that Scotland(and the rest of UK) will soon have to face but for now i just want to share a quote from a precious man from England, Tony Cooke, director of Streams Training Centre England.

“SCOTLAND, SCOTLAND! We, the English have historically done you harm and taken of your riches in the natural and the spiritual. We have done you wrong and we do not deserve to expect you to remain united with us. We need to repent for those sins against you. Your future IS your decision. However, as an Englishman I would say two things: firstly; united we united_we_stand_patriotic_hearts_card-greeting-note-cardsstand, divided we fall – and I sincerely believe that. Secondly, if you decide to cast off and break the union, I, and many south of the Border, will feel a spiritual as well as physical and emotional pain on the separation. It seems we only value what is under threat of being taken away. Please don’t vote ‘yes’; I believe it is a trap set by dark spiritual forces that do not want unity between people or nations because genuine unity releases God’s glory and blessing. May the Referendum bring change, real change, in terms of taking responsibility for our actions and attitudes on both sides and working together in humility honestly acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses and setting our sights on better not bitter.”  Tony Cooke




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