Revival in the North

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So for a while now I have been sensing that God was calling me to the North of Scotland, first of all just to pray but also to preach as doors would open.  It all started with a dream that my friend had years ago.  Maybe a year after that I had a powerful dream where a prophet told me I had to go North and I had to go alone.  Then shortly after that a friend in England heard an audible voice saying – tell Stephen that he must go North and specifically the Hebrides.

So last year I went to the Hebrides six times.  God really began speaking to me there and I feel a lot of what I’m carrying now came from those travels North to the land of revival.

So on 1st March, myself and Emma (my fiancée) were invited, by our great friends John Parsons and Terry Jahner, to speak at a small house group in Banff Aberdeenshire.  I felt this was so significant even though it was a small group.  I didn’t feel to teach at this meeting but just felt to speak as I was led by the Spirit.  I felt the Lord simply wanted to proclaim what His desire was for Scotland (and beyond) and to stir up faith again to believe that this is the season to see the fulfilment of many prophecies and visions given through the years, including the Jean Darnell vision of revival for Scotland and the UK which she said would begin in the North of Scotland.  I am convinced this is the season and if we surrender to the Lord then we will see the greatest move of God this nation, or any nation, has ever seen.

My new podcast, which you can find below, was recorded at the house group.  Hope you enjoy it and it stirs you to faith and encourages you to yield fully to the Holy Spirit.

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