Prophetic Update from Justin Abraham

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I was woken in the night and heard a specific word of revelation. I tried to capture it as best as I could… see if it resonates with you it certainly touched my heart. I want the unknown path a new way whatever that looks like. We have seen the limitations of what we have known and are hungry for a greater reality to manifest. Even with the current move we are aware their is a greater harvest, miracles and wonders yet to be released.

The GENERATION that I am raising up right now is an EXTREME generation.

They are going to look so HOT-  so on FIRE – so extreme in their CONSECRATION and in their DECISIONS, and in their LIFESTYLES that they are going to be PERSECUTED even as I was persecuted. Because the BRIGHTNESS and HOLINESS of their lives is going to cause those who seemed holy to suddenly feels UNCLEAN and those who thought they were on fire to suddenly realise they weren’t on fire at all.

This FIRE that I am releasing on this people will cause them to make lifestyle CHOICES like that of the MONASTICS and MYSTICS of old where they will FORSAKE many of the patterns and things of this world to lay hold of the heavenly reality.

Some will ACUSE them of being RELIGIOUS.


Some will accuse them of being TOO heavenly minded.

And they will be MISUNDERSTOOD and ABUSED.

But they will be KNOWN by heaven and they will EXPERIENCE the REALITY of heaven unlike any other generation has. My HAND will come upon them HEAVILY. They will WORK My WONDERS and they will demonstrate My awe and My wonders. They will be KNOWN by ME. They will be those that OBTAIN PROMISES, see My FACE, stand in My COUNCIL.

The PRICE to walk in this realm is HIGHER than people realise.

It is more COSTLY. It is like a TREASURE in a field. It’s costs EVERYTHING to obtain this prize.

It’s going to be a DAY-TO-DAY decision. It will involve embarassment. It will involve humiliation, brokenness. It will involve making choices that seem ILLOGICAL, making choices that people don’t understand. It may mean drawing ASIDE when sometimes it’s inappropriate to be gone.

It will mean taking up YOUR cross daily and loving not you’re life unto death.

It is a GREAT WORK that these have been called to- but there is a great PRICE.

Are you WILLING to pay the price?

Are you willing to be one that WALKS in the POWER of the age to come. Each one is invited, many are called but few RESPOND and become chosen. But to those who respond they will be CHOSEN and they will be PRECIOUS in My sight.”


I believe this is one of many prophetic invitations to this generation. I once heard the Lord say “THE RADICALS ARE COMING”. We haven’t really seen them come through yet. We have to get more radical.  The heavens are stirred in an unusual way this year. It has made me wonder what is truly going on. I had an sense of anticipation and excitement. I then found yesterday that Bobby Conner has also seen and said something similar:

“There is a great stirring in the Heavens, the hosts of Heaven are assembling, and something is up! You can feel it in the air, God is responding to the cries of His people.” Bobby Conner

Heaven is responding to the cries. It is stirred. Beni Johnson from Bethel said in her message on transition:

“I believe we are in the moment of Joshua chapter 1- and I believe the Lord is putting us on display before principalities and powers… and we will shine before the world. God help us to do it right!” Beni Johnson

God help us to do it right! Well said Beni! We need great grace to walk this kind of change out.

My prayer is that we might have courage and confidence to believe and respond.

Incredible days incredible challenge.

Living for Papa’s dream, Justin Abraham



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