New Book By Our Good Friend Andy Hall – The Kingdom Principle

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The Kingdom


Last October I received a prophetic word from Daniel Black at a Scotland Ablaze meeting about it being the right time to start writing books. So here is the first! The Kingdom Principle; uses Jesus teaching on the Kingdom of God as lens through which to see and organize the whole of our belief system. Its aim is to bring us closer to what Jesus meant when He taught us the Lord’s Prayer. Starting with miracles signs and wonders, the book moves on, to see how the “gospel of the Kingdom” should work in the market place. Then it ends up adjusting our view of the end times to a victorious and overcoming vision of “thy Kingdom come”. We have set up a publishing web site to help us sell the book The book will be available in paperback and e book form our web site and should also be appearing on Amazon and Kindle in the near future.

The paperback version sells for £8:00 (including p+p) the e-book for considerably less.

Andy Merrick The leader of Hope Church Glasgow and the NFI leader for Scotland has read the book and this is his recommendation: “The Holy Spirit is speaking again to the church about Heaven invading the earth. Drawing on the influences of some of the major thinkers on the kingdom of the last few decades, Andy presents a well worked kingdom theology with a large dose of exciting thinking about the nature of the Church and the end times. I thoroughly enjoyed this stimulating book, it gets more fascinating the more you get into it and it’s sent me back to my Bible equipped with fresh insight and questions. A great contribution to the developing ‘Heaven to earth’ paradigm and some real encouragement to expect more of His kingdom now”

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