The Revealing 6

Stevie will be doing the sixth in a series of exciting livestream events each month called The Revealing! There will be two hourly sessions and a 40 minute zoom Q&A each time, and costs £12 per person.

I feel so excited about this because the Lord has really put this on my heart to do. Last year I went to the Hebrides six times because the Lord told me to go by way of dreams, and even through an audible voice spoken to a dear friend.

The voice said: “tell Stevie to go North and specifically to the Hebrides!”

So as you can imagine I was keen to go! In these monthly livestreams I want to share what the Lord has been revealing to me.


The sixth livestream will be on Saturday 20th March, 5pm to 8.40pm (London-UK time).

  • Date: Sat 20th March 2021
  • Location: Livestream
  • Price: £12
  • Register here