The Call

I am excited to announce that I will be preaching for 3 nights at the Victory Christian Centre in Glasgow, April 15–17th. Alex and Charlotte Gillies are the Pastors of this church and they have been praying many years for a mighty move of the Spirit and in recent months have experienced a definite stirring of the Holy Spirit in some of their gatherings.

Many years ago, I attended this church and experienced what I describe as the closest thing to revival. God moved in many ways including one morning service the whole building seemed to shake as though a subway train had driven underneath the building.

We are praying that God moves again but in an even greater and deeper way. I want to share on what God has been teaching me concerning the deeper things of God. I believe God is calling us to long for these deeper ways until the nations of the earth are set on fire by a generation who know the reviving power of the Holy Spirit.

There is a call to the deeper life, there is a call to holiness and there is a call to revival. Will you answer that call?