Check this out. This was a vision A friend of mine had recently when the guys from emergewales came to Troon

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I saw a white horse,but not like any other horse i could was very large and muscular. all i could see was the side view of it from just in front of the saddle back. I saw the riders left leg and i noticed writing on the thigh of the rider and “knew” it was Jesus.I was overwhelmed at this as i could feel the anticipation of the horse and could see the muscles on its hind leg twitch and hear it pawing at the ground just waiting for the command to gallop!!

From where i was standing i could hear sounds of people preparing themselves,getting into their position in the ranks of what i was now sensing to be an army.. i saw the horse with Jesus move up and down the front line watching and waiting whilst the army got prepared… when i looked again i was expecting to see a large army in armour carrying swords etc but what i saw was a vast army of individuals who were no longer in human form but were FIRE!!!

This fire stretched way beyond the horizon and as far back as i could see… the sence i had was that the Commander Jesus would give the shout and we would sweep through the land burning everything in our path!! it was an all consuming (wild fire)but the leader was JESUS Himself and He would be who we followed…No other!!!

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