The North Is Calling

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When was the last time we saw a whole village saved in a moment by just one prayer from a 16 year old boy? In my travels North, it has stirred a hunger in me again to see God move like He did then.

Prophetic Word for Ayrshire and Scotland

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Hey folks I was just sent this prophecy that was given in 2007.  It really witnesses with me.  A few months back I heard an inward audible voice saying, “If I come the nations will shake”!  On the same night … Read More

The Saltcoats Adventure

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In a dream I had recently I was standing outside the church in Saltcoats that my parents were part of when I was growing up (the church has been closed for many years now). However, I was pointing upwards as … Read More

Fire over Scotland

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 In a meeting i was in last year i was impacted by the words of one of the preachers when he said ” I dream of a Nation Burning”! I also dream of a nation burning, my beloved Scotland!! John … Read More

Joels Army is Arising!

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Hey Folks this song is about Joels Army arising in our day. You may or may not be aware but God is on the move in our world and there is an army arising that the world has never seen … Read More

Martin Scott Prophecy concerning the Masonic in Scotland and UK

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This Prophecy is amazing guys. For centuries the Masonic has been the main stronghold in our nation. In this Prophecy God says that the walls of the Masonic Lodge in Kilwinning will Literally shake (The Kilwinning lodge was the birthplace … Read More

“It’s not by might nor by power but by my Spirit sayeth the Lord”

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A few years ago I had an amazing dream. In the dream Smith Wigglesworth spoke to me and said “1 million people”!    I knew in my spirit that he meant that 1 million people would be saved in Scotland. Now … Read More

Check this out. This was a vision A friend of mine had recently when the guys from emergewales came to Troon

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I saw a white horse,but not like any other horse i could was very large and muscular. all i could see was the side view of it from just in front of the saddle back. I saw the riders … Read More

Jean Darnell Vision

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One of the most famous prophetic promises to Scotland came in the form of a vision given to Jean Darnell.  I believe this vision is being fulfilled right now.  Many people in Scotland are gathering in small groups and praying … Read More