The Angels Of His Presence Are Being Released!

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Paul Keith Davis: The Gulf Oil Crisis by Paul Keith Davis Jul 5, 2010 Contend for a Greater Measure of Prophetic Understanding Obviously, the question most often asked in recent days concerns our propheticperspective of the calamities associated with the … Read More

A Timely Prophetic Word from Chuck Pierce

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You are on the verge of breaking through the warfare!! by Chuck Pierce  May 18, 2010 This is such a key time for us as we transition from Passover to Pentecost. Sivan is recognized as a month of receiving your … Read More

Fire Over Scotland

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In a meeting i was in last year i was impacted by the words of one of the preachers when he said ” I dream of a Nation Burning”! I also dream of a nation burning, my beloved Scotland!! John … Read More

Be Bold and Be Strong in this New Season!

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Chuck Pierce May 5, 2010 Understand Your Sphere of Authority In a CRISIS SEASON the strategies of Heaven must invade your sphere of authority! Everyone has a portion. You have been positioned in a sphere of authority. You must understand … Read More

Prophetic Word for Ayrshire and Scotland

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Hey folks I was just sent this prophecy that was given in 2007.  It really witnesses with me.  A few months back I heard an inward audible voice saying, “If I come the nations will shake”!  On the same night … Read More

The Prophets- A Terrible Company

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Hey guys, last night I had a dream where I met one of the founding prophets of the apostolic church. In the dream I was listening to a recording of a prophetic word given many years ago in Wales. I … Read More

Everything can be Recovered and Redeemed!

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I came across this word by Paul Keith Davis and was hugely enouraged by it. Many of us may have felt that we have missed out on opportunities or even missed our destiny in life. Well the good news is … Read More

Army of Men and Women on Fire!!

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Hey guys, this vision was given to my friend Lorna last year when the emerge team came to Troon. I really feel that this great army she saw is now being prepared! An army of men and women all across … Read More

It is Time for the Fulfilment of Every God Given Promise!

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Taffie Furr: The Air is Full with Promises Fulfilled—And a Key Has Been Released to Your Destiny by Taffie Furr Feb 11, 2010 Prophesied on January 8, 2010 in Albany, Oregon at The ElijahList’s “What is God Saying for 2010?” … Read More

Prophetic Word For Scotland

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Hey guys, i am just back from Edinburgh where we (the emergewales crew) had an amazing time. On the Saturday morning one of the emerge team (pat) had an amazing prophetic word for scotland. Read this word and be encouraged!! … Read More

It Really Is Time To Take The Land!!

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Bobby Conner: Dread Champions Arise to Contend and Defend! We are Now in the Age of the Great Harvest! by Bobby Conner Jan 26, 2010 Dread Champions, Arise! Do you hear the battle alarm? It is ringing loud and clear! … Read More

It’s Time To Step Into Our Destiny and Take Our Land!!

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Eileen Fisher:Corporate Prophecy for 2010:   This is the Year of Restoration, Jubilation and ResurrectionThe following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on January 5, 2010 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado … Read More

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