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In a world that’s constantly evolving and shifting, where voices clamor for attention on every corner, it's essential to find anchors of truth, sources of divine wisdom, and manifestations of the genuine power of the kingdom. Welcome to, a sanctuary for those hungry souls seeking an authentic touch from heaven.

I am Stevie McKie, a Christian itinerant minister whose heart burns fervently for the raw, undiluted move of God. My passion lies deeply rooted in the pursuit of holiness, awakening the church to the revival that it desperately yearns for, and igniting the flames of signs and wonders. This platform is not just an account of my journey but a testament to the transformative power of God’s kingdom on Earth.

Here, you'll find stories, teachings, and insights that encapsulate the essence of a life devoted to showcasing the kingdom's power. From the tangible touch of the miraculous to the profound depths of holiness, this space endeavors to serve as a beacon, guiding and inspiring those seeking the face of God.

Whether you’re a longtime believer, a new Christian, or simply curious about the vastness of the kingdom's power, I invite you to journey with me. Let’s awaken our spirits to the realm of the supernatural, dive deep into the heart of God, and together, manifest the undeniable power of the kingdom in our midst.

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