Become the Voice

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In the midst of darkness and the rolling in of state control and leftists agendas across the globe, I believe we are on the verge of the greatest display of God’s Glory that any generation has ever seen. I feel the Lord calling a remnant into the secret place to discover the God of the bible and not the God our culture has created. God wants to display His fullness. God is Good but He is also Holy. He is Love but He is Just. He is the lamb but He is also the lion. We are about to discover the fullness of God’s character. He will display who He really is in all His attributes.

There is a remnant rising who are willing to go against the tide of political correctness and become the voice of the Lord again. If we are going to see regions and nations transformed then we must become the voice of God. We must carry the unadulterated word in our hearts and lips. His word will be like a hammer, His word will be like a fire and those carrying the oracles of God will have the power to uproot and build. That which is false and antichrist will be smashed by the authority on the rising army of yielded ones.
This army will discover the power of the gospel again like the saints of old. They will also walk in the power of the age to come. This is something no generation has seen before. This army will go beyond Pentecost to walk in the fullness of tabernacles. This army won’t just experience visitation but habitation. This army will build upon the foundations of our forefathers and not rebelliously undermine and change the faith once delivered to the saints. The word of God will once again be the plumbline and the word of God on their lips will cut men to the heart, like it did on the day of Pentecost. Preachers will again have power, anointing and unction to convict the masses.

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