I believe that God is about to move in such a powerful way that no previous move of God will compare.

Stevie McKie

Stephen lives in Scotland and is hugely influenced by the Welsh Apostolic Church.  His grandparents, then parents, were all part of this movement which was birthed out of the Welsh revival.  As a child Stephen was deeply impacted by the level of the presence of God and the level of the prophetic in the Apostolic Church.  The governmental and revival atmosphere that he experienced has never left him and has planted a hunger in him to walk in such levels and to walk in even greater levels in our generation.

In recent times, Stephen has travelled the world preaching and teaching about the governmental realms of God and stirring up hunger in people to believe for a much greater level of God than we have ever seen or experienced.  Stephen believes that God is about to move in such a powerful way that no previous move of God will compare, but for this to happen we need to learn the lessons of the men and women of old who taught us that the crucified life and a life fully surrendered to God is the only way to walk in such levels of power and authority.  

Stephen is also the Second Year Principal of The Nest which is an online training school designed to help believers grow into full maturity in Christ.  Stephen’s passion is to help people grow into the full stature of Christ and to help grow a community of people who can walk in all the power and authority that God wants to give us as New Covenant Sons.

To invite Stephen to your church or region contact him at hello@steviemckie.com