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About Me

"I believe that God is about to move in such a powerful way that no previous move of God will compare."

Stevie Mckie


Stephen, a native of Scotland, is profoundly influenced by the Welsh Apostolic Church. This spiritual movement, which originated from the Welsh revival, has roots in his family, spanning from his grandparents to his parents. Growing up, Stephen felt a profound connection to the presence of God and the prophetic depth of the Apostolic Church. The environment of revival and governance he encountered has stayed with him, igniting a desire to experience and even surpass those spiritual depths in our era.

In recent years, Stephen has traveled globally, preaching about God's governmental realms and inspiring a deeper hunger in others to seek unprecedented levels of divine experience. He is convinced that a divine movement is on the horizon, one unparalleled by any previous acts of God. However, Stephen stresses the need to heed the teachings of past spiritual leaders who emphasized that only through a life surrendered and crucified to God can one attain such profound levels of power and authority.

Stephen's driving purpose is to nurture individuals into realizing the full stature of Christ. He aims to cultivate a community capable of harnessing the full might and authority promised to us as New Covenant Sons.

For invitations to your church or region, reach out to Stephen at

Our Friends

Below are a list of our ministry friends that we often partner with and do kingdom with. Please click any of the names to go to their relative websites.

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